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Saint-Jean-de-Monts caravan site | The Golden Squares

5 tips for choosing the right pitch for your caravan

Saint-Jean-de-Monts caravan site | The Golden Squares

To ensure the smooth running of your holiday, choose the right caravan site in Saint-Jean-de-Monts. Les Places Dorées welcomes you!

The success of your caravan holiday depends above all on the choice of your caravan site in Saint-Jean-de-Monts.

Holidays with family or friends are indeed subject to one condition: sleep well, and spend holidays in line with your needs and expectations!

But how do you choose the right caravan site? What are the essentials you need to have on hand to ensure the smooth running of your caravan holiday?

To help you organize your holidays well, your Les Places Dorées campsite helps you choose the pitch in Saint-Jean-de-Monts that you absolutely need.


Opt for a good night’s sleep, by following these 5 tips!

Choose the right orientation of the location

The very first thing to do when booking your caravan site is to choose the correct orientation of the site. Indeed, there are pitches that are due south, due north, due east…


Depending on your desires, it is important to select the location well oriented with respect to the sun . If you want to enjoy the sunrise, the sunset… Whatever your needs, there is a suitable caravan site for what you are looking for.

This choice allows you to be cool in the evening or in the morning , depending on what you prefer. You can then optimize the smooth running of your vacation , depending on what you are looking for.


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Select the right size

In the same way, it is essential to select a location of the right size. Indeed, depending on the dimensions of your caravan, you must choose pitches of the right size.


Caravan pitches can range from 50 m² to 280 , depending on your needs and the expectations you have for your holiday. Your Les Places Dorées campsite offers you many different pitches, to allow you to make a choice in line with your needs.


In any case, you can choose caravan pitches of various sizes, in order to fully adapt them to the expectations you have during your holidays .

Find out about the proximity of the toilets

Once you have selected the size and orientation of your caravan site, comes the third step: locating the site itself.


In general, caravan sites are installed either on the outskirts of the campsite, in the heart of nature or in the center of the campsite. Depending on the location in question, you can for example check the proximity of the toilets .


Good campsites such as Places Dorées offer fully equipped sanitary facilities, which have one objective: to guarantee your access to water, toilets and showers . You can then choose caravan pitches very close to the sanitary facilities, or on the contrary rather far away. It all depends on your expectations, and the distances you want to travel to wash yourself or to do the dishes and laundry .

Ask you about the services offered

Does your caravan site give you access to water? To electricity ? It is essential to check the services offered on the caravan site on which you are going to spend your holidays.


Indeed, having access to electricity can be a very good point for charging your electrical devices . And even to cook in the evening or at lunchtime, without having to use a stove .

Choose the right campsite!

Finally, the very last element that you can check before choosing a caravan site is the campsite itself. Is it well positioned in Vendée? Does it offer services and options ?


Guarantee the smooth running of your holidays in Vendée , and book your stay at Places Dorées!


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