4 star campsite Les Places Dorées Saint Jean de Monts (Vendée / 85)
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What to do in Vendée during your stay in Saint-Jean-de-Monts?
During your vacation on the Côte de Lumière, rest is essential. Relaxing by the pool, on the beach, taking a nap in the mobile home... You have to think about it. But when you spend a few days in a living environment as sublime as in Vendée, it's impossible not to discover! The 5-star campsite Les Places Dorées shows you the must-sees of Saint-Jean-de-Monts and its surroundings. Organize your vacation, and have fun!

The forest of Saint-Jean-de-Monts

If you are fond of green and calming spaces , the national forest will amaze you! Less than 300 meters from your 5-star campsite Les Places Dorées , it extends and is just waiting for you to discover it.


Arm yourself with your backpack and your water bottle, and set off on an adventure! Follow the marked trails , and take a closer look at the Vendée fauna and flora that lives in the woods. Go slightly off-piste (without straying too far from the path), and discover nature in its raw state, entirely preserved.


Whether you prefer fitness walking or strolling along the small paths, it’s impossible not to find what you’re looking for during a walk in the Saint-Jean-de-Monts national forest . The scents of the pine trees lull you, as do the sound of the wind and the distant purring of the waves . Soak up this natural environment, ideal for clearing your mind!


Discover the Vendée by bike

If you have very little time at the Les Places Dorées campsite, there is a foolproof technique to see as much as possible : bike rental ! Go to our partner Cycl’hop , and rent bikes for you and your loved ones.


The advantage of Places Dorées: its ideal location! More than 26 kilometers of cycle paths run alongside the campsite, giving you access to the deep Vendée. All you have to do is follow the marked paths, and you are in the heart of nature.


Pedal quietly on your rental bike, and set off on an adventure ! A family activity that will delight young and old alike. Share strong moments with your loved ones.


Exploring the surrounding islands

In addition to being located in the heart of the Côte de Lumière, the Les Places Dorées campsite is on the oceanfront, not far from the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier. Go to the campsite reception, and reserve your place for a short crossing to the island of Yeu!


There, you will discover heavenly landscapes and small streets with the typical charm of the Vendée . Stroll through the streets and share a drink with the local inhabitants, who exude the sweetness of life.


Go sunbathe and relax on one of the many sandy beaches of Ile d’Yeu and Ile de Noirmoutier, and continue your relaxation! Accessible by boat , these islands are full of preserved nature that will clear your mind and fully relax you. Spend an unforgettable day with your loved ones!


Enjoy a medieval atmosphere at Puy-du-Fou

Whether you are at the Les Places Dorées campsite with friends or family, Puy-du-Fou is a real treat for all ages and all personalities. Ask the campsite reception for advice, and immerse yourself in a medieval atmosphere in no time.


You attend numerous shows put on and performed by extraordinary actors , who transcribe certain historical events . Then go to the tavern to taste good local dishes, while waiting for the next show! Take full advantage of an inimitable medieval atmosphere , and soak up this special place, where childhood dreams come true .


The Vendée is full of many activities, for young and old. Come and discover them, they are waiting for you!

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Our accommodation suggestions

Pitches for tents or motorhomes

  • Area 80 m2

Go green, spending a stay on one of our pitches for motorhomes and tents. With access to sanitary facilities, water and electricity, you have enough to spend a natural and comfortable holiday!

  • From
  • 167 € / week
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Comfort Cottage
terrace + TV

  • Area 25 m2

  • 2 Bedrooms

  • 1 person

With more than 25m² of surface area, the Comfort Cottage welcomes you for all your holidays! Bask in the shade of the terrace, and recharge your batteries!

  • From
  • 326 € / week
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Leisure Cottage
semi-covered terrace

  • Area 20 m2

  • 2 Bedrooms

  • 1 person

Take advantage of the 20m² of our Leisure Cottage semi-covered terrace, and its 2 separate bedrooms to spend a very comfortable holiday with your friends or family. Relaxation and space are within your reach!

  • From
  • 360 € / week
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