4 star campsite Les Places Dorées Saint Jean de Monts (Vendée / 85)

A getaway on the island of Noirmoutier


Take advantage of your camping holiday near Noirmoutier to spend an unforgettable day on the island of mimosas. On the program: passage of the Gois at low tide, fishing on foot, discovery of nature reserves and marshes, walk in the forest or along the coast … Only 20 minutes from Camping Les Places Dorées!

To see, to do on the island of Noirmoutier:

  • Visit the Château de Noirmoutier, one of the few castles to have remained the same since its construction at the end of the 12th century.
  • Discovery of the Sealand Aquarium (500,000 litres of seawater, 200 species and 1,000 animals…)
  • Walk in the polder from Sevastopol to Barbâtre or in the reserve of Mellembourg which from spring welcomes migratory birds returning from Africa and many other species (Tadorne de Belon, Terne Pierregarin and Elegant Avocette…)
  • Visit the salt marshes and the many salt huts that line the roads: you will bring back in your suitcases the famous Fleur de sel of the island of Noirmoutier!
  • Hiking in the forest of the Frandière in Barbâtre, the Wood of Eloux in L’Epine and the Wood of the Chair… postcard decorations that nature lovers will charm!
  • Walk around the lighthouse of the Pointe des Dames…

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Focus on the Gois Passage
This 4.5 km long submersible road, which connects Beauvoir-sur-Mer and the island of Noirmoutier, is one of the emblematic sites of Vendée! In season, guided tours the Gois Pass and the allow you to discover the site safely. At low tide, it is the perfect place for fishing on foot.

Be careful, however, not to be surprised by the rising waters and follow the safety instructions because it would be a shame not to be able to return to the campsite!

Every year in July, the running, “The Crowds of the Gois” attracts thousands of athletes who find themselves feet in the water during a spectacular face-to-face between Man and nature. Also in July, don’t miss the fireworks fired from the passage of the Gois, a beautiful pyrotechnic musical show!

Our accommodation suggestions

Cottage Grand Confort
terrace – TV

  • Area 35 m2

  • 3 Bedrooms

  • 1 person

What could be better than 3 bedrooms and 35m2 of area to spend a holiday with your loved ones without stepping on you? Book the Grand Comfort Cottage and find the right balance between intimacy and sharing!

  • From
  • 414 € / week
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Cottage Grand Confort
terrace – TV

  • Area 30 m2

  • 2 Bedrooms

  • 1 person

Book the Grand Comfort Cottage and its 30m2 area for your holiday with your friends or in the company of your family. 3 separate bedrooms, TV and a fully equipped kitchen!

  • From
  • 380 € / week
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Leisure Cottage

  • Area 20 m2

  • 2 Bedrooms

  • 1 person

Take advantage of the 20m2 of our Leisure Cottage, and its 2 separate rooms to spend a comfortable holiday with your friends or family. Relaxation and space are at your fingertips!

  • From
  • 297 € / week
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