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Camping while respecting the environment: simple actions to preserve nature

Camping écologique Saint-Jean-de-Monts | Les Places Dorées

Are you looking for an ecological campsite for responsible holidays? Les Places Dorées has everything you need!

The summer holidays are far from being the best time for our eco-responsible commitments.

Between travel and activities, this is not the ideal time. But fortunately, it is quite possible to improve your carbon footprint by adopting a few good habits during your holidays in Vendée!

Are you looking for an ecological campsite? Do you want to improve the green quality of your holidays?

Les Places Dorées, your 5-star campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts , presents all the tips and tricks for camping while respecting the environment. Everything you need is in your ecological campsite!

Choose an ecological campsite committed to sustainable development

When planning your camping trip in the Vendée , opt for a campsite committed to sustainable development , such as Les Places Dorées.


Choose an establishment that implements ecological measures, such as the sorting of waste, the use of renewable energies and the preservation of biodiversity .


By choosing a campsite that respects the environment , you are helping to preserve the natural beauty of the region.


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Reduce your water consumption

When you plan to camp, be sure to reduce your water consumption during your green camping trip.


In the washrooms, take quick showers and turn off the tap while you brush your teeth or do the dishes.


Also use biodegradable cleaning products to avoid polluting surrounding waterways.


You can even save the water from the dishes to dispose of in the plants around your tent or mobile home . Every little action counts to preserve this precious resource!


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Use eco-friendly products for green camping life

When shopping for green camping, opt for environmentally friendly products. Choose biodegradable products, such as soaps , shampoos and cleaning products.


Use reusable shopping bags and avoid disposable packaging as much as possible.


The same goes for cleaning products such as laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid: it’s up to you to make a responsible choice!

Choose soft transport

During your holidays in Vendée, it’s a safe bet that you will explore all the surroundings with your family or friends. And that’s normal: there is so much to see!


When you go exploring in the vicinity of the campsite, favor soft transport such as walking, cycling or public transport.


This reduces your carbon footprint at your eco-campsite and allows you to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The Vendée offers many hiking trails and cycle paths that will allow you to discover nature in a respectful way.

Respect the local flora and fauna

Finally, the Vendée is a preserved region, traversed by very extensive natural areas . Spaces that you can discover in complete freedom!


During your outdoor activities, whether on foot or by bike, be sure to respect the local flora and fauna.


Do not approach wild animals too closely and do not feed them. Avoid picking plants or disturbing their natural habitat. Leave nature untouched for future generations to enjoy!

Preserve the natural beauty of the Vendée

By following these simple tips, you are helping to preserve the natural beauty of the Vendée for future generations. By choosing to camp while respecting the environment, you are taking a step towards more sustainable and responsible tourism .


Take full advantage of your stay by discovering the natural wealth of the region while preserving its fragile ecosystem.


Book now your stay at Places Dorées , your fully equipped ecological campsite, ideally located in the heart of a green setting in Vendée, and join us in our efforts to protect the environment!

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