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How are the stars calculated for a campsite?

Camping étoilé Saint-Jean-de-Monts | Les Places Dorées

You have found a starred campsite for your holidays, but you want to know more about the distribution of stars? Les Places Dorées tells you everything!

Are you looking for a starred campsite for your holidays?

Do you need comfort to rest and fully relax?

But concretely: what type of campsite do you need? If you are unsure, it is time to find out about the attribution of stars for a campsite, in order to identify what you need for your holidays!

Your Les Places Dorées campsite gives you all the necessary information on the calculation of camping stars, and the importance you should attach to them.


Enough to spend a holiday that fully suits you, in the company of your loved ones!

The control visit

The first step in calculating the stars for a campsite is a control visit carried out by inspectors.


They are approved inspectors , who have total impartiality towards the campsites.


The latter go on site to assess various criteria such as the condition of the equipment , cleanliness , safety, etc. They then carry out readings and write a report which they forward to the organization which calculates the stars.


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The criteria assessed

But what are the criteria taken into account to assess the number of stars to give to a campsite?


These criteria may vary depending on the evaluating bodies and the countries. In concrete terms, in France the central criteria found in the evaluations are as follows:


  • The size of the pitches
  • Facilities and amenities available
  • The quality of reception
  • The services offered
  • Campsite safety
  • Accessibility of the campsite and pitches


These are criteria that come up often, because they are essential to ensure the comfort of users who stay at the campsite.


To find out more, do you wonder what is behind each star rating for campsites?


Les Places Dorées helps you understand.

1 star campsites

For a campsite to obtain its first star, it must apply for it. The approved organization then sends someone on site to assess the quality of the campsite.


For example, to have a star, a campsite must offer pitches of at least 80 m².


The rest of the evaluation is based on the criteria set out above. If the campsite collects 95% of the total points, it can obtain its first star.


It is important to know that every 5 years, the campsite must retake the evaluation to be able to keep its star.

2 to 4 star campsites

As for 2-star campsites, they must meet stricter requirements . For example, they must offer an internet connection on all locations.


To get a third star, they must have pitches that average 89 m².


And for the 4th star, pitches of at least 100m² are required. But that’s not all: the campsite must have secure access, with a barrier to ensure the safety of the occupants.


Alongside these unique criteria, the campsite must meet basic health and safety requirements.


But what about 5-star campsites?

5-star campsites

The 5th star is necessarily more difficult to obtain. It can only be awarded if the pitches average 114m², and the reception is offered in at least 3 different languages.


The campsite must also offer a multitude of services: dryer , grocery store , bar restaurant, spa, children’s club or nursery with entertainment… But also an aquatic area of at least 800m², and the possibility of booking online at any moment.


The particularly strict criteria justify the fact that there are fewer 5-star campsites in France.


>>>Good news: your Les Places Dorées campsite has 5 stars !


Do you want to spend an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones? Go to the Places Dorées, and enjoy a space that belongs only to you!

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