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Visiter les iles en Vendée | Les Places Dorées

How to explore the Vendée islands like a local?

Visiter les iles en Vendée | Les Places Dorées

Do you want to visit the islands in Vendée and not miss anything? You are in the right place: Les Places Dorées gives you all the tips!

During your vacation, what a joy to visit the islands in Vendée! They are full of natural splendors that you will love to discover, with family or friends.

The Vendée, renowned for its breathtaking coastal landscapes, is also home to islands of striking beauty, each offering a unique world to explore.

But to visit the islands in Vendée, you need to know the unmissable places, the places not to miss.

Nestled in the green setting of Vendée, just 800 meters from the immense beach of Saint-Jean-de-Monts, Les Places Dorées campsite is your ideal starting point for an authentic island adventure.

Are you looking for tips and advice for visiting the islands in Vendée? Les Places Dorées, your 5-star campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts , explains everything in detail.

Immerse yourself in the island life of Yeu and Noirmoutier

The islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier are two jewels of the Vendée, each with its own character.


To experience them fully, leave aside the classic tourist itineraries and immerse yourself in the authenticity of their daily life.

Ile d’Yeu, between land and sea

The Île d’Yeu, with its wild beaches, its dizzying cliffs and its rich historical heritage , is a must. For a local experience, here is all the advice we can give you:


  • Rent a bike : it’s the preferred means of transport on the island. Pedal through hidden trails to discover secluded beaches, old mills and stunning viewpoints.
  • Meet the fishermen: at the port of La Meule, strike up a conversation with the fishermen. Some even offer sea trips to introduce you to traditional fishing techniques.
  • Taste local products : don’t leave without tasting the island’s specialty, a fish and seafood stew.


Enough to visit this beautiful island in Vendée without missing a beat!

The Island of Noirmoutier, the island of Mimosas

Noirmoutier, accessible by the Passage du Gois or by bridge, is famous for its salt marshes and its mimosa forests. It’s a top tourist destination , but again, when planning a local exploration, there are some tips to follow:


  • Explore the Passage du Gois : this submersible roadway is a unique experience. Plan your visit at low tide and reach the island on foot or by bike, a magical moment.
  • Visit the salt marshes: meet the salt workers who perpetuate the tradition of salt harvesting. Some offer guided tours to learn everything about this ancestral profession.
  • Participate in local festivals : in summer, the island vibrates to the rhythm of village festivals and night markets. This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of Noirmoutier.


Also, don’t forget to embrace the island rhythm! The Vendée islands invite you to slow down. Leave your watch aside and live to the rhythm of the tides, sunrises and sunsets.


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The hidden treasures of the Vendée islands

Each Vendée island is full of secrets well kept by the locals . On the Île d’Yeu, discover the cove of Belle Maison , a little paradise accessible only on foot or by bike.


In Noirmoutier, escape to the Chaise forest, a haven of peace where mimosas and holm oaks coexist.

In any case, make sure you always respect the natural spaces you visit.

Live like a local at Places Dorées

At Les Places Dorées campsite, we are committed to offering you an authentic Vendée experience . Visit the islands in Vendée, discover the national forest , take the countless cycle paths … There are plenty of choices.


The key is also to choose authentic and comfortable accommodation at Places Dorées.


I discover all the accommodation at Les Places Dorées campsite

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