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Plongée sous marine en Vendée | Les Places Dorées

Looking for thrills? Discover the scuba diving sites in Vendée!

Plongée sous marine en Vendée | Les Places Dorées

Do you know where to go scuba diving in Vendée? Les Places Dorées gives you the best spots for diving!

The Vendée is a region that deserves to be discovered. Between the pine forests, the endless beaches and the culinary specialties, you will never cease to be surprised.

But sometimes the most beautiful things are also hidden under the water.

This is particularly the case for the various scuba diving spots in Vendée, which you can discover during your vacation at Places Dorées.

Indeed, your 5-star campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts is passionate about diving and maritime activities of all kinds.

Whether you are an experienced diver looking for new challenges or a beginner eager to discover the treasures hidden under the waves, the Vendée offers you an unrivaled underwater spectacle.

But what are the diving spots not to be missed?

Discover this complete guide to organize your scuba diving trips in Vendée, as it should be.

1 – The Rochebonne plateau

The Vendée coast , with its crystal clear waters and diverse seascapes, offers a series of diving sites that promise discoveries and thrills to all those who dare to dive into its depths.


Near the coast, set off in search of the Rochebonne plateau and its various reefs. This site is a must for divers who want to discover the Vendée underwater fauna.


Diving here is a true break in time, offering an intimate encounter with the many species of fish and algae found there.


And above all, it is a scuba diving spot in Vendée accessible to all levels! A real boon for beginners.

2 – The Coux quarry, scuba diving in fresh water in Vendée

For a change from scuba diving in Vendée, do you want to try diving in fresh water?


For that, the Coux career is absolutely perfect.


This site offers not only a geological spectacle but also a rich habitat for fish, algae, and molluscs.


Divers can expect an astonishing visual experience, where wildlife can be discovered among the crevices of the rock.

3 – The underground caves near the island of Yeu

For adventurous divers, the underwater caves near Yeu Island offer an exciting challenge.


This cave system is a paradise for those who enjoy exploring more challenging underwater environments .


With its narrow passages and secret caverns, every dive is an adventure, promising new discoveries with each visit.


Scuba diving spots in Vendée not to be missed, but to be visited in the company of a guide.

All our advice for preparing for scuba diving in Vendée

Diving in Vendée is an adventure that we want to make accessible to everyone. However, as always, you must prepare for all eventualities . Les Places Dorées gives you some advice not to forget when planning your scuba diving trips in Vendée.


Have you already thought about the equipment? If you can’t take it with you, you’ll need to plan to rent it.


Our local partners offer complete equipment rental as well as beginner and advanced training.


Whether you need a refresher or to pass your first certificate, you will find the necessary resources.


Furthermore, know that taking organized scuba diving trips in Vendée is always preferable.


The Vendée waters are welcoming, but safety remains essential.


We advise you to always dive with an experienced guide and follow the safety briefings before each dive.


And above all, remember to choose the best time to dive!


The ideal season for diving in Vendée is from spring to autumn , when weather conditions are most favorable and underwater visibility is at its peak.


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Relax at the Places Dorées after your scuba diving in Vendée

After your underwater explorations, Les Places Dorées campsite offers you a multitude of options to relax and share your experiences.


From our heated pool to our lively evenings, every aspect of your stay is designed to enrich your vacation experience.


Plan an unforgettable stay at our welcoming campsite, and discover the best tips for scuba diving in Vendée.


I discover all the accommodation at the Les Places Dorées campsite

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