4 star campsite Les Places Dorées Saint Jean de Monts (Vendée / 85)

Soon summer: the pleasure of going camping with your family!

Nowadays, camping is even more enjoyable following the advent of camping areas with modern water park, designed to allow campers to enjoy maximum pleasure. Find in this guide everything you need to know about camping.

Why go camping?

Summer is just around the no matter what you’re saying and you want to take the opportunity to change your tune? But you don’t know where to head to find the perfect leisure? Camping is a real solution to enjoy explosive entertainment. In theory, camping may seem innocuous since it is a practice that has always existed. But the evolution it has undergoful gives it a much more important dimension, especially for the madmen of the naturist adventure.

Indeed, nowadays, camping combines perfectly with leisure and comfort. Several companies have specialized in the layout of the space, offering tourists and vacationers places teeming with a 5-star infrastructure to camp in an unforgettable way.

In practice, you can enjoy luxurious accommodations, i.e.
mobile homes,
bungalows, well-equipped motorhomes, all in a place where there is a warm welcome and amazing tourist discoveries. Then, playgrounds, various events and many other services are now available in the various campsites.

How do camping accommodations look like?

Tents are usually the most common types of accommodation in campsites. On the other hand, the added bonus of modern campsites is the variety of accommodation they offer. In other words, today, if you choose contemporary campsites for your next holiday you have the choice between the mobile home, the tent canvas, the cottage,the bungalow… to stay during your stay.

The mobile home is a kind of small habitat offering more space and more comfort, because equipped with useful equipment for man, including a bed, a mattress, a kitchen, etc. The tent canvas is well known to all. It allows you to spend a quiet night among the other campers.

If you want to live an adventure with family or group of friends, the cottage is the ideal accommodation. It is relatively larger and more luxurious. The bungalow is a type of mid-range accommodation just as renowned for offering optimal comfort to campers.

What to do during a campsite?

In addition to the pleasure of enjoying suitable accommodation, a multitude of leisure activities are offered to holidaymakers who decide to camp. The campsites are located close to the tourist sites,this will allow you to visit these sites and make extraordinary discoveries on site. In addition, by camping, you have the opportunity to engage in water activities, sports or events that are as entertaining as they are enriching.

Which campsite to choose for your holiday?

Building on their success, modern campsites are created in large numbers each year. Choosing between various services becomes a real headache for the holidaymaker. Nevertheless, the selection criterion must be based on the quality and diversity of the services offered. Considering this setting the camping golden squares appears as the most suitable for a great relaxation.

This is to say the least for a campsite perfectly located near the beach St-jean-de-Monts, renowned for its fine sand, its turquoise water offering a wonderful landscape structure.

All the campers who visited this campsite left satisfied with the accommodation offered, which is a family cottage with kitchen, terrace, TV, dishwasher… large enough and provided enough to accommodate a family of 8. In addition, the Les Places Dorées campsite has a splendid water park with a heated swimming pool,a spa,etc. There are also many activities that will make you want to come back to each holiday.


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For any request, you can contact the reception who will be happy to provide you with information at the following times :

9 am-12pm / 2 pm-6pm in low season

(from April 13 to July 3, 2020 and from August 30 to September 20, 2020)

9 am-1pm / 2 pm-7pm in high season

(July 4 to August 29, 2020)


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