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France is a very beautiful country, it is known to all. However, it’s hard to imagine how good it is, if you’ve never tried to discover it from your bike. Such a journey will allow you to live an adventure punctuated by encounters and rich discoveries. Performing the Velodyssée is clearly the best option available to you for this. Let’s make this huge journey together through this article.

Velodyssée: what is it?

The 1200 km long Velodyssée is clearly the longest veloroute in France. Between Roscoff and Hendaye, it crosses Brittany and runs along the Atlantic to the Basque Coast by a tonic and wild route. It is an exceptional itinerary that allows you to make a true cycling odyssey through the landscapes, cities and terroirs of the West of France.

The route runs along the sandy beaches of the Atlantic and the Aquitaine lakes. It penetrates salt marshes and oyster parks. It leads in the Breton forests and the Landes pine forests and crosses towns like Nantes, La Rochelle or Bayonne. It is one of the safest ways to get to know France well through its landscaped varieties and its tourist and natural riches. The essentials of the journey (70%) is done on green lanes, bike paths…

The different routes of the route

The 1200 km of route of the Vélodyssée is not non-stop. The route is divided into 12 itineraries, some of which include:

  • Roscoff Carhaix-Plouguer;
  • Redon-Nantes;
  • Nantes-Pornic;
  • Bayonne-Hendaye.

Facing the garden island of Batz, the Velodyssée begins or ends (depending on where you start it). In the heart of Finistère, the Roscoff-Carhaix-Plouguer route takes travellers by bicycle from the pretty port of Roscoff to Carhaix via Morlaix Bay. The route alternates green bocages and moors of gorse and heather.

Between Redon and Nantes, the bucolic landscapes parade and seduce with their dynamism and variety. Marshes, locks, forests and friendly harbours are revealed along the way. From Nantes to Pornic, breathe the sea air.

The Vélodyssée quietly follows a road on the banks of the Loire that delivers all its secrets along its banks to travellers on two wheels. Get ready to experience the moving moment when the Atlantic shows itself to you, under all its charms.

The Bayonne-Hendaye route ends with the Bayonne-Hendaye itinerary. Beautiful landscapes follow one another on this route with the mountains as a backdrop. Long sandy beaches, cut-out cliffs, seaside resorts, fishing harbours and other wonders ensure your entertainment along the way.

The must-see sights of the trip

On the route of the Velodyssée, you can discover:

  • The forest of the Landes;
  • The dune of the Pilat;
  • The lighthouse of Cordoba…

The forest of the Landes

Make a stop to admire the largest man-made forest in Western Europe. This forest with an incredible history is distinguished by the maritime pine, its unique essence. The forest of the Landes always reserves nice surprises for its visitors. Its fauna and flora made of protected species will be enough to fill you. Get enough of the forest through bike paths and other indoor hiking trails.

The Dune of the Pilat

Opposite the tip of Cape Ferret and near the Arcachon Basin, bow to the Pilat dune. This giant sand is 104 meters high and is clearly the highest sandy formation in Europe. Its ascent is facilitated by still delicate steps. The panoramic view it promises, however, is well worth this sacrifice.

The lighthouse of Cordoba

This gigantic building sits beautifully off the Gironde estuary. From the top of its 68 meters,it watches over the sailors at 7 kilometers. To visit it, you will have to tame its 311 steps: it is a small price compared to what it offers as wonders.

A discovery with the 4-star campsite Les Places Dorées as its centre

You will give a new taste to your route on the Velodyssée by camping at the camping Les Places Dorées. This may be the best place if you want to make a successful trip. Ideally located on the Côte de Lumière in the Vendée,it is a place of relaxation and entertainment. The 4-star campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts has multiple facilities and is full of unique and highly entertaining activities. It also offers a range of mobile home choices.

There is also a wide range of nude pitches to set up your tent, caravan and motorhome. You will also find bikes for rent.

The Velodyssée is a unique experience. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to memorable moments to discover all the wonders of several regions of France with bike rides.


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