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Bois de la Chaise Noirmoutier | The Golden Squares

The Bois de la Chaise, a magical place in Noirmoutier

Bois de la Chaise Noirmoutier | The Golden Squares

Are you wondering what to do during your holiday at camping Les Places Dorées? Discover a place filled with magic by visiting the Bois de la Chaise!

The Island of Noirmoutier is, every year, a reference address for French tourists who wish to spend their holidays in an exotic place with natural charm. And for good reason: Noirmoutier is full of surprises built by nature itself, and which allow holidaymakers to go on a trip to another world, one-on-one with the beach.


Among all these natural surprises, is the unmissable: Le Bois de la Chaise. This small wood bordering the sea and the lighthouse is located on the Alley of Sighs. A poetic name, inspired by the delicacy it exudes.


During your holidays at the campsite Les Places Dorées, discover the sublime mysteries of the Vendée!

A harmonious and unique landscape

The Bois de la Chaise has been classified since 1936. Preserved natural area, it is an ideal wood for a short walk before swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Island of Noirmoutier.


The Bois de la Chaise has the particularity of extending over more than 100 hectares,and along beaches of more than two kilometers. Everywhere you look around you, nature spreads. In the form of a forest or in the form of an ocean, you hear nothing but the sounds of the trees and animals that live there year-round.


The end of the Bois de la Chaise is bounded by a cliff,which is divided into a succession of rocky points and sandy coves. Ideal spot to take pictures and be fully inspired by an entirely natural landscape,Le Bois de la Chaise hides many surprises.


A must-see fauna and flora


Among the peculiarities of the Bois de la Chaise, are its fauna and flora. Specific to the Vendée and more particularly to the Island of Noirmoutier, the fauna and flora of the wood contribute greatly to this feeling of being alone in the world, and enjoying at all times a natural and soothing calm.


Guarded by owls small dukes and charming flying beetles, the Bois de la Chaise is a forest made up of maritime pines, holm oaks and arbutus trees. The summer and maritime scents mingle, as well as the sounds of abundant nature that rock visitors.


Behind the trees and pines, hide a hundred villas built by the notables of the Island of Noirmoutier.


A place as historic as it is sublime

Beyond the hundreds of villas that were built many years ago, the Bois de la Chaise leads directly to the Beach of the Ladies,on which there are large extremely old cabins. It was here that the ladies changed and put on their swimsuits, at a time when fashion and modesty were omnipresent.


The Bois de la Chaise also overlooks the Plage des Sableaux,as well as anse Rouge which mark the beginning of seaside tourism on the Île de Noirmoutier.


The Bois de la Chaise in Noirmoutier

The Bois de la Chaise is one of the beauties of nature on the Island of Noirmoutier that must absolutely not be missed. Charming, sublime and extremely extensive, it covers more than 100 hectares and leads to discreet and welcoming beaches.


With a fauna and flora specific to the island, the Bois de la Chaise has a extremely pleasant historical and natural touch, which allows holidaymakers to fully relax and bathe in the Vendée atmosphere found at The Golden Squares, the warm campsite that hosts your best holidays in the Vendée.


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