4 star campsite Les Places Dorées Saint Jean de Monts (Vendée / 85)

A nature campsite 300 metres from the saint-Jean-de-Monts forest

For your summer vacation, you want to go green? Do you want to recharge and live your desires for nature to the fullest? The 4-star Camping Golden Places is absolutely ideal for this.


Book a stay at our 4-star campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts, and marvel at the wild beauty of the deep Vendée. You have direct access to the great state forest of Saint-Jean-de-Monts!


Exploring the State Forest

The significant advantage of a holiday inthe Vendée is that the views and the surrounding nature change you, while reminding you that you are in France.


During your stay at the Les Places Dorées campsite, you can enjoy free access night and day to the Saint-Jean-de-Monts State Forest: a green space, completely preserved.


Less than 300 metres from your accommodation,lies a vast green that is full of a fauna and flora typical of the Vendée. All just a few minutes walk away!


On a whim, follow your irresistible desire for nature and go for a walk in the state forest of Saint-Jean-de-Monts. There, follow the paths traced without straying too far and discover all the beauty of the Vendée.


Birds, small land animals and special plants live in harmony in the forest. Let yourself be lulled by the sound of the wind that caresses your face, and the sweetness of the scents of the pine trees that surround you. Saint-Jean-de-Monts, a real little piece of paradise in a green setting!


Hikes and walks galore

Whether you’re a sporty or lazy, everyone loves walks and hikes. And at the Golden Places campsite, you haveprivileged access to many walks and hikes!


On flat ground or with a little vertical drop, the forest of Saint-Jean-de-Monts is full of possibilities that will delight young and old.


Choose the path you want to follow, arm yourself with your backpack, your bottle and your motivation,and get started! Enjoy the delights of a walk with family or friends for a morning or afternoon.


You can even plan on a picnic with your loved ones, and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. The small streams, pines, fauna and flora are at the rendezvous and returns youa sublime array of greenery. Ideal to recharge, and to change just what it takes!


And even for young people!

Sometimes getting your children to walk 300 metres in the forest is not easy. They just want to spend time with the friends they met during the youth activities at the campsite. But there is the possibility of combining the two!


Indeed, to push your children and teens to move and discover the nature of Vendée in all its splendor, our team of animators organizes small outings in the forest.


Whether it’s during the day with the children’s club,or in the evening for a night walk with your teenagers, outings in the forest is for everyone! In the company of our staff, your children discover all the beauty of the Vendean nature live.


They walk among the pine trees, listen to the sounds of nature and savour the sweetness of the Vendean sun through the huge pine trees that surround them. All while being in the company of their new friends! Ideal circumstances to learn in a fun way, and get out of your comfort zone.


The Golden Places, a natural campsite in a cocoon of greenery!


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For any request, you can contact the reception who will be happy to provide you with information at the following times :

9 am-12pm / 2 pm-6pm in low season

(from April 13 to July 3, 2020 and from August 30 to September 20, 2020)

9 am-1pm / 2 pm-7pm in high season

(July 4 to August 29, 2020)