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Souvenirs de Vendée Saint-Jean-de-Monts | Les Places Dorées

What souvenirs to bring back from your trip to Vendée?

Souvenirs de Vendée Saint-Jean-de-Monts | Les Places Dorées

You don't know what souvenirs from Vendée you can bring back? Les Places Dorées gives you the complete list!

Nestled just 800 meters from the splendid beach of Saint-Jean-de-Monts, our family campsite Les Places Dorées is the ideal starting point for exploring the wonders of the Vendée.

This department, rich in its culture, its landscapes and its history, offers a multitude of treasures to take home.

But which souvenirs from Vendée should you choose to capture the essence of your trip? How to please your loved ones by choosing the most beautiful souvenirs from Vendée?

Les Places Dorées, your 5-star campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts , presents the list of the best souvenirs from Vendée to bring back after your vacation.

Vendée culinary specialties

The Vendée is renowned for its rich and varied gastronomy.


Among the essentials, the famous préfou , a delicious baguette garnished with garlic and butter , to enjoy as an aperitif.


Don’t leave without tasting the Vendée waste , a soft and fragrant brioche, perfect for breakfast.


These specialties, easy to transport, will make gourmet souvenirs to share with your loved ones.

The best souvenirs from Vendée: salts from the island of Noirmoutier

The Island of Noirmoutier, accessible from Vendée, is famous for its salt marshes. The sea salt and fleur de sel harvested on the island are products of exceptional quality, appreciated by chefs around the world.


Bringing a sachet of Noirmoutier salt is an elegant way to bring a piece of Vendée into your kitchen. Something to please your loved ones, fans of local culinary discoveries!

Maritime creations and local crafts

The Vendée is a place of inspiration for many artisans. Markets and shops are full of unique creations: jewelry inspired by the sea, ceramics, paintings of Vendée landscapes and even driftwood objects.


Choosing an artisanal souvenir means taking home a piece of the Vendée soul and supporting local know-how. Not to mention that it is a unique gift that you can bring home to your loved ones.


→ Also read: Vendee. They publish a guide to Vendée creators, craftsmen and producers

Wines or Pineau des Charentes

The Vendée vineyards produce delicious wines, testimony to the region’s rich and diverse terroir . For a more festive souvenir, consider a bottle of Pineau des Charentes, a sweet and fruity aperitif.


These drinks reflect the wine traditions of Vendée and its neighboring regions, perfect for reliving your vacation during a dinner with family or friends.

Vendée Mogette

This little culinary marvel, a tender and tasty white bean, is a must in Vendée gastronomy.


Mogettes can be cooked in many ways, but they are traditionally served with Vendée ham. A packet of Vendée mogettes is an original and tasty souvenir, a symbol of Vendée conviviality.


Enough to try new original recipes once you return from vacation.

Seasoned seafood products

As Vendée is a coastal region, the seafood products there are of excellent quality. Bringing back fish rillettes , canned sardines from Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie , or even seafood terrines can be an excellent idea for a souvenir to enjoy once you get home.

Decorative objects

Vendée markets and souvenir shops often offer decorative objects with marine motifs or inspired by the surrounding nature. Cushions, tablecloths, placemats or even decorated tea towels can add a Vendée touch to your interior. It’s an elegant way to remember peaceful moments spent in Vendée.

The inevitable postcards

Finally, for those who prefer intangible memories, postcards and photographs of the Vendée landscapes are a great way to preserve memories.


Take the time to select postcards depicting your favorite places or invest in art photographs taken by local photographers to keep a visual souvenir of your stay.


You can even write down little anecdotes on the back of your postcard, to remember the most important moments of each of your excursions. Enough to make an original vacation diary .


By staying at Les Places Dorées, you will have the opportunity to discover all these wonders and much more. Each souvenir you choose to bring back will be imbued with your experiences and joyful moments spent in Vendée.


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